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About Us

National Apartment Laundries is second a generation business not only providing excellent regional service in Western Pennsylvania, but also in the tri-state and National markets. We have been a staple in our Pittsburgh community since 1954 when we opened our doors on the Southside. We are committed to providing our community and regions beyond with the most efficient and reliable laundry equipment backed up with expert and excellent customer care and service.




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Service is our number one priority.

It has always been a priority of our company to provide quality service and support to our customers within the shortest amount of time. To that end, we employ a team of top service techs trained to deal with any issue that could possibly arise. We continue to develop new systems in order to receive, track, and service all inquiries and concerns about our equipment. We are concerned first and foremost with supporting our clients and customers in order to keep their machines in top condition and working at their most efficient.



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