Huebsch Manufacturing Company: Industry leading efficient and durable laundry equipment

Since its founding in 1907, Huebsch Manufacturing Company has become known as an industry leading manufacturer of tumble dryers. Their name has become synonymous with reliability, optimal performance, and efficiency. Over Huebsch's 100 years of operation they have focused on manufacturing products that are not only profitable and durable, but also user-friendly and easy to manage.

Huebsch's long history, focus on efficiency and durably has culminated in a current product line of laundry equipment that is built to last. Huebsch has committed to the goal of producing some of the most efficient and cost-effective commercial washer and industrial tumble dryers in the world. To bring this aspiration to fruition, Huebsch Manufacturing Co. utilizes plate steel frames and reliable inverter drives along with innovating Galaxy Controls and eBoost technology hard-wired into Huebsch machines. Such innovations have lead to a cost effective, efficient, and reliable machine.

Huebsch's integration into Alliance Laundry System has meant a reliable and durable product is supported with a services and distribution network rivaled by none. All of this means that clients and customers of National Apartment Laundries are supported and serviced by one of the most extensive distribution networks utilizing one of the most reliable and efficient laundry products on the world market today.